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Dr. Fixit Raincoat

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Acrylic elastomeric exterior waterproof decorative coating for exterior walls

High performance waterproof coating for all types of externally plastered & concrete walls, especially for the rain lashed walls. Unlike ordinary exterior paints, it provides dual benefit of aesthetics with waterproofing property to external walls.  

Benefits :

Twice as thick as premium exterior paint - provides crack bridging ability, waterproofing properties & resistance to cracking

Provides excellent sheen & finish to any building structure

Flexible - covers hairline cracks (up to 0.5 mm wide) effectively & prevents ingress of water

Highly elastic (200% elongation at 250 micron DFT)

Eco-friendly & lead-free coating, resistant to fungus and algae

No dilution with water, thereby easy to use at site

Can be tinted in 108 shades

Can also be applicable on asbestos sheets

Coverage :
3 - 3.5 sq.mtr/litre for 2 coats
Packaging Units (QUANTITY IN LITRE)
1 4 & 20